Apprentices are required to purchase any hand tools and/or climbing tools.
Power Lineman Program
As a journeyman lineman you’ll build, maintain and repair the power lines that carry electricity to homes and businesses.
When you apply for the California-Nevada JATC Power Lineman Program you’ll be taking the first step to a career that not only has a tremendous impact on the people you serve, but one that will have a positive impact on your future as well.

What is an Apprentice?

Apprentice linemen assist the journeymen linemen in building and maintaining electrical power systems. The apprenticeship program at California-Nevada JATC combines supervised, structured on-the-job training with related classroom instruction to prepare you for skilled employment within the industry. Because you are working and learning at the same time, apprentices are considered full-time employees. Wages are paid to you during the on-the-job phase of training. Wages increase as progress is made in the program. A Department of Labor registered apprenticeship requires a signed, written agreement (indenture) between the program and apprentice. You agree to perform the work faithfully with diligence and to complete the related course study. A contractor agrees to make every effort to keep you employed and to comply with the standards established for the program.

Applications, Aptitude Tests and Interviews
To qualify for an interview, each applicant must have completed an application during our open application period and have taken an aptitude test. Interviews for the Power Lineman Apprenticeship are generally held as needed. Candidate interviews are scheduled according to the order their completed application was received.

Travel Requirements

As an apprentice of the California-Nevada JATC, you will work under a three local agreement. This agreement with the IBEW Locals 47, 1245 and 396 covers all of California and Nevada. Because of workloads in other areas, you may be asked to travel outside the three local area. As an apprentice you have the right to decide whether or not to accommodate this request. This is the only time an Apprentice will have the option of turning down a dispatch.

Each apprentice attends three years of related training and twelve week long training classes throughout their apprenticeship.

Apprentices are required to attend week-long 4-day classes (each 4-day session will be for a total of 40 hours), four times per academic year, for specialized training at our Riverside or Woodland training facilities.

Classes introduce students to job related information and hands-on training. These classes are a very important part of the apprenticeship program and work in conjunction with the on-the-job training in preparing each apprentice to become a journeyman lineman.

Training includes climbing, distribution, transmission hot sticking, along with related safety topics, rigging & transformer skills.

First year apprentices attend a 40 hour Orientation/Climbing Class and Work Methods Training Class. Second year apprentices attend a 40 hour Underground Training Class and a 40 hour Rubber Glove Training Class. Third year apprentices attend a 40 hour Hot Sticks Training Class and a 32 hour Crane Certification Training Class. Room and board are not provided for apprentices while attending class at our facilities.

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