Working Weather
Being an outside lineman requires toughness and grit. Climbing high on outside electrical towers and poles during all seasons and weather is required to get the job done.
At times power lines fail or become inoperable due to bad weather and storms. This is when the outside electrical industry performs its critical duties.

What's a Journeyman Lineman?

Journeymen linemen build and maintain electrical power systems. They do all the work from the point of generation (power plants) all the way to the customer's meter. The lines may be on overhead structures (up to 300') or in underground vaults or trenches. They may be in rural and metropolitan areas. Linemen also do work on traffic signals and street lights. The work is varied and exciting.

Job Description
The duties of an outside lineman are listed below. Tasks within each of the duties are included in the job description if they are performed by at least 10 percent of the journeymen surveyed. Tasks are described as daily, weekly, monthly, or occasionally based upon the responses of a majority of journeymen in the position.

- Planning and Initiating Projects
- Establishing OSHA and Customer Safety Requirements
- Setting of Towers, Poles
- Maintaining and Repairing Overhead Distribution or Transmission Lines
- Stringing New Wire or Maintaining Old Wire
- Installing and Maintaining Insulators
- Installing and Maintaining Transformers and Other Equipment
- Supervising Groundmen and Apprentices
- Installing, and Maintaining an Underground Distribution Systems
- Assembly and Erection of Substation
- Installing and Maintaining Traffic Signals and Outdoor Lighting
- Tree Trimming
- Use of Tools

Being a journeyman lineman is really a combination of jobs — part engineer, part project manager, part equipment operator and part mechanic. Your apprenticeship training program will prepare you for all aspects of this exciting and rewarding career.

Heavy Equipment
One of the job requirements is operating heavy equipment such as digger derricks, aerial lifts, backhoes, dump trucks, tensioners, pullers and cranes. Training and certification for these types of industrial equipment is part of our apprenticeship program and part of on-the-job experience. Our IBEW/NECA program provides supervision and training which prepares you for your future as a journeyman lineman.


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