Step 8: Graduation
After you've completed your on the job training and class work, you'll graduate with your journeyman lineman's certification and can begin working anywhere in the United States
The Apprenticeship Process
Apprentice linemen assist the journeymen linemen in building and maintaining electrical power systems. The apprenticeship program at the California-Nevada JATC combines supervised, structured on-the-job training with related classroom instruction to prepare you for skilled employment within the industry.

Review the steps needed to successfully apply for and complete the training for a rewarding career as a journeyman lineman.
Step 1: Determine if being a lineman is right for you
Being a journeyman lineman isn't for everyone. Although the job pays well and provides excellent benefits, a lineman is often asked to work outside in unfriendly weather conditions, climb high poles (if you're afraid of heights, this career is not for you) and do physically and mentally demanding work. The job can also require a fair amount of travel, which can mean many nights away from home.
Step 2: Complete the Application Process
To apply for the apprenticeship program, you must meet the minimum requirements. You must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED. You must have a valid unrestricted COMMERCIAL Drivers license. Applications can be completed online from our website during our open application period.
Although you are not required to have any previous experience, any experience or training you do have may allow you to take an accelerated path in our program. Submitting your documentation along with your application will allow us to assess where to place you based on your previous work experience or vocational training.
Step 3: Aptitude Test
Once your application is accepted, you will be scheduled for a aptitude test at the JATC office in Riverside. You will be required to pass an aptitude test before interviewing with the Committee.
For more information on the aptitude test, please click here:
Step 4: Interview Day
Once your application is accepted, and you have passed the aptitude test, you will be scheduled for an interview at the JATC office. You'll go through an interview with the Committee, which is made up of line contractors and members of the local union. After the interview, each Committee member scores you based on everything they've learned about your background, attitude, interests, etc.
Step 5: Interviews and the Eligibility List
Your scores from the interview will be averaged. That average score is slotted into an eligibility list that contains all previous applicants who have yet to be offered indenture into the program. So, if you score high, you'll move right to the top of the list regardless of how long other applicants have been waiting. Applicants that interview in the next cycle will be added to the same list, in the same manner. If you are not indentured, your name will be removed from the list after two years.
Step 6: Getting The Call
When a contractor needs an apprentice, they call the training office in Riverside. When all currently indentured apprentices have been dispatched to work by our office, candidates will be offered an indenture by the Committee based on their ranking on the current eligibility list. If your name is at the top of the list, you'll receive an offer for indenture first and be notified when and where to report for the orientation/climbing class.

Step 7: Pre-Apprenticeship Orientation
Selected candidates are required to successfully complete an orientation/climbing class. This intensive pre-apprenticeship orientation at the training center in Riverside covers many of the basics (drug testing, rules and regulations, pole top rescue, rigging, basic material identification, general work procedures, etc.). You will also receive training in the skill that linemen are most recognized for — climbing poles. After you complete the orientation/climbing class, you are officially an apprentice lineman. Congratulations!

Step 8: On the Job Training and Classroom Instruction
After orientation, you'll be assigned to a crew of linemen so that you can gain valuable hands-on training in the field. At the same time you begin work in the field, you'll also begin regular classroom instruction in safety, electrical theory, circuitry, transformer connections and more.

Completing the training and instruction and becoming a journeyman lineman requires that you work full time for nearly four years as an apprentice (7,000 hours). During this time, you'll advance through seven (7) steps of the program. After completing each of these steps, your pay rate will increase, coming closer and closer to that of the journeymen linemen you're working and training with. In order to learn all aspects of the trade, most apprentices get to work for more than one contractor during their time in the program.
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